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If you want to learn more about traditional children’s games around the world, UNICEF has a great guide – including road tennis from Barbados, Ki-o-Rahi from New Zealand and Three Tines from South Africa The buying of ‘loot boxes’ – an assortment of items sold sight unseen – also contains an element of luck Photograph: James Thew/Alamy According to the latest data, 4 in 5 (80%) gamers are over 18 That accounts for 2 47 billion adult gamers And 618 million under-18 gamers It was a great project to work on, and I am glad that it was possible to find so many good contributors, they were all a pleasure to work with The essays make up a good collection and work well together, presenting a truly global portrait of the video game industry And yet it’s obvious that a single essay is only scratching the surface of a whole national industry, even if that industry is only a decade or two old But at least it’s a start, and hopefully one that will encourage more international collaborative scholarship Readers will learn, for example, about the rapid growth of mobile games in Africa; how a meat-packing company held the rights to import the Atari VCS 2600 into Mexico; and how the Indonesian MMORPG Nusantara Online reflects that country's cultural history and folklore Every country or region's unique conditions provide the context that shapes its national industry; for example, the long history of computer science in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, the problems of piracy in China, the PC Bangs of South Korea, or the Dutch industry's emphasis on serious games As these essays demonstrate, local innovation and diversification thrive alongside productions and corporations with global aspirations Video gaming worldwide - Statistics & Facts


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